5 Reasons Advertising in a Charity Calendar can help your business.

Published 21 February 2020

Charity calendars have become a real trend during the past decade or so. Major motion pictures like “Calendar Girls” gave charities inspiration to start fundraising through their own calendars. Some calendars will depict general landscape, some specially geared towards the charity itself and some of course, a little more risqué.

Charities will often give the opportunity to businesses to purchase advertising space in these calendars, which in turn assists with the production and delivery costs of the calendars. Typically, you will find that to purchase a space in a calendar and helping a charitable cause,  will cost anywhere from $500 for a simple ad (possibly just a logo placement or offer) up to the more prestigious, whole month sponsorship, which could possibly run up to $2,000.

There are several reasons that businesses decide to align themselves with charities and advertise through their charity calendars.  When asked why they would take up advertising space in charity calendars, business owners have said:

“We see it as our way of helping a charity that is very close to our hearts and gives so much to our local community.  For such a small investment, we can help them to produce their calendar to share with all of Australia, raise money for the charity and advertise our business. We see that as a win-win.”

“Through giving to a charity you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the human race. The benefits are immeasurable both to yourself and the recipient.”

As you can see, people look at it in many different ways, and no matter if you are a practically minded business owner or compassion driven, perhaps the idea of taking up advertising space in a calendar may be an option for you.

Here are 5 reasons you may wish to consider the idea of advertising in a charity calendar and how this could help your business:-

  1. New connections – Think about the loyal followers of a charity and the large number of people this could potentially represent. These people are going to be exposed to your business or service through an offer you have placed in a calendar, becoming your newest followers.
  2. Sales – The new connections made through the influence of the charity could prove to be fruitful. By providing a discount or offer to the purchasers of the charity calendar (loyal followers of the charity) your sales have the potential to increase astronomically, especially if the calendar is being sold Australia wide.
  3. Trust/Loyalty – Your current customers are going to see that you are not just about chasing profit, they are going to see your “greater than good goal”, which is ultimately to help others. This will encourage them and increase their trust/loyalty to you and your product/service.
  4. Value Alignment – When you choose a charity, be sure that you try to align yourself with a charity with similar values to yours, perhaps you provide products/services to the demographic this charity helps (but this is not absolutely essential). Your customers will get the “feel goods”, knowing that purchasing your product/service is helping charity which leads to overall a better customer experience.  The alignment of values also ensures that you are comfortable talking about them and then they, in turn, will feel comfortable talking about you and your services.
  5. Make a difference – After all, THIS, is what charities are all about… helping others. By you and your business taking up advertising space in these types of calendars you are giving back to humanity. There may be a part of the community you are helping to put food on their tables, roof over their heads, send their kids to school, rebuild their lives after they have been torn apart by natural disaster.  You are doing a good thing.

In summary, if you are given the opportunity to take up advertising space in a charity calendar you will obviously need to give it serious consideration from all angles and decide if the benefits outweigh the outlay.

Drought Angels, as a charity helping Primary Producers through the effects of drought and all natural disasters, are currently offering limited advertising space in the 2021 Calendar ‘Growing Up On The Farm’, so if you do see this as an opportunity for you and your business contact Kylee Lyon before 20th March 2020.