Angel Annie & Friends

Just outside Augathella in Western Queensland lies a 15,000 acre cattle property named Rampart Downs.

Rampart Downs is a mix of flood plains and mulga country and is home to Angel Annie, her older brother Clancy, and their Mum and Dad.

On the property right next door lives Angel Annie’s best friend Emmie. The property homesteads are just a cooee apart… Angel Annie and Emmie have been inseparable since they were born, their Mum’s are best friends who worked together in the city before marrying two country boys and moving to Augathella.

Life at Rampart Downs is sometimes challenging but never dull, especially with Angel Annie around. Clancy and Angel Annie constantly play jokes on each other…but things step up whenever Emmie comes over as poor Clancy finds himself a bit outnumbered…

Follow Angel Annie & Friends on their adventures to learn all about just how fun life on the farm can be.

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Angel Annie

Outdoor activities weren’t always on the agenda for Annie. When she was much younger, she didn’t like outdoor activities at all. She hated sports and swimming – she even hated the ocean!

Annie would rather listen to music and sit in her room watching her favourite movies over and over. Mum couldn’t stand to look at her untidy room (where you could hardly see the floor for clothes), so you often found Annie’s door firmly shut to keep the mess out of sight.

One thing that has never changed is her early morning milo (made only by Dad) at 6am on the dot – every single day!

Can you tell how much Annie LOVES mornings (and milo)?

After her milo, Annie would spend a little time outdoors saying hello to the many animals that lived on the farm – cats, dogs, cows, bantams, turkeys, geese, ducks, even a few very noisy peacocks!

Her very favourite animal these days is of course Bonnie the horse! She’s the best horse in the whole pony club…well at least in Annie’s eyes.

On the weekends she has to wait (impatiently) until 9am before heading to Emmie’s place; even then she has to take Emmie a special ‘Dad-made’ milo as a peace offering for waking her up ‘so early’ (unlike Annie, Emmie really isn’t a morning person).

Annie’s life on Rampart Downs was pretty great, but one very special Christmas Annie’s life changed forever…

Angel Annie And Friends03
Angel Annie And Friends04


Emmie is a livewire who just loves to explore the gardens and outbuildings with Angel Annie, just don’t expect her to get up before 9am on a weekend though.

She will tell you herself she is most definitely NOT a fan of mornings!

Once Emmie is fully awake you can’t stop her as she scurries around the farm with Angel Annie, wearing her signature dungarees and gym boots with plaits flying in the breeze.

Clancy jokes that if Emmie stopped and sat down for five minutes, she’d fall back to sleep – the truth is he’s probably right!

She zooms around so fast that she’s constantly losing one of her gym boots – always the left one.

Perhaps the fact that her laces are often untied doesn’t help?

Swimming is her favourite thing to do, you’ll often find Emmie in the dam after a big downpour of rain. Sadly, with the ongoing drought there hasn’t been any swimming for a loooonnng time.

Despite being a bit of a ‘tom boy’ Emmie also enjoys the shows her and Angel Annie put on for anyone prepared to sit and watch. It could be because singing and dancing are another way for her to be loud and boisterous, but they’re also great fun!

Everything is just perfect in Emmie’s world

…so long as she gets to sleep in on weekends that is!


Clancy is a jokester pure and simple. He has a heart of pure gold for such a young lad – but he’s always up to something!

You’ll hear him coming long before you see him, as he whistles a tune everywhere he goes.

Clancy likes to keep busy. He helps Dad with the cows every morning; it’s his job to milk Daisy the cow at 5am every single day. Although he sometimes grumbles about having to get out of bed so early, he really doesn’t mind that much; at least he can enjoy fresh milk for breakfast – and Clancy sure does LOVE his milk!

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When it comes to Angel Annie & Emmie, Clancy likes to keep them on their toes. He plays jokes and makes light of their crazy adventures.

After his school of the air lessons, Clancy loves to help Dad around the farm, often doing grown-up jobs that make him feel pretty great (and pretty important). He loves pulling apart Dad’s old lawn mowers (although when he puts them back together, they usually never work again). He’s such a hands-on lad, his dream is to become a carpenter – the thought of building something from scratch seems ‘pretty cool’ in Clancy’s eyes.

At times Clancy feel helpless, like when he sees how sad Dad feels about sending more cattle away because he can no longer afford to feed them. When they go into town, he hears Dad talking to other farmers. They’re all finding the ongoing drought pretty tough, but they put on a brave face and keep the jokes flying to cover up their sadness.

Clancy loves the freedom he has on Rampart Downs

…but he does worry about his future sometimes.

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