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Country Cries

Written and performed by Larry Cann
Filmed in Kingaroy QLD by Tina Torrens in support of Drought Angels

Touched by the suicide of a rodeo friend in 2016, country singer/songwriter Larry Cann knew he had to do something to bring mental illness into the everyday and encourage people to open up to the idea of talking to others about their burdens. Being no stranger to mental health issues himself, he knew only too well how important is was to speak to up rather than letting it bottle up inside. From the outside looking in his friend had it all, but the demons he had battled were never spoken of with family nor friends…

After a conversation with a local councillor from the South Burnett Regional Council, Larry’s passion for song writing was reignited, compelling him to write a song about suicide in farming communities and the mental health struggles faced by so many in rural and regional communities.

‘Country Cries’ was born.

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Just prior to release Larry reached out to Drought Angels offering the use of ‘Country Cries’ to further promote awareness of mental health issues and generally further our mission to support farming families across Australia. At the time Drought Angels were working on some video projects with Torkit Business Solutions in Kingaroy. One of the projects in particular was needing a very special backing track, Country Cries was the perfect solution. With a feed-trough full of faith, friendship and a genuine desire to share the important message the song portrays, Tina from Torkit business solutions offered to create a complimentary film clip “as a thank you from Drought Angels to Larry for the use of his song”.

Drought Angels would like to sincerely thank Tina for her kindness in creating this film clip and Larry Cann for the use of this very special and deeply personal song. Stay tuned in coming months for the video project featuring ‘Country Cries’.

Country Roads


Helping aussie farmers as they travel the long ‘country road’ to recovery

Drought Angels is proud to release Country Roads/On the Road Again, a medley by Australia’s legendary Marty Rhone featuring Dani Young and some great American country players. An Australian/American collaboration aimed at helping Aussie farmers as they travel the long ‘Country Road’ to recovery…

In January 2020 Australia was on fire – the world was shocked by the images of thousands of acres of precious farmland being stripped of the little vegetation that had been left by the unprecedented drought.

Marty Rhone was in America at the time and felt he needed to do something to help. He reached out to Drought Angels and, together with some of America’s best country players, organised some benefit concerts. From these concerts was born the idea to release a recording to further promote the plight of Aussie farmers. The incredible lyrics of ‘Country Roads’ immediately came to mind alongside the iconic chorus from ‘On the Road Again’ – something farmers hoped would soon be the case…

Having recorded the track in early 2020 the project lay dormant for 8 months when COVID hit and Marty was forced to return home to Australia. Motivated to complete the project he re-recorded the medley in his home studio with Australian country artist Dani Young also recording backing vocals and like many projects in 2020, distance proved no barrier as the recordings were sent off to the studio in America for the finishing touches.

Releasing across Australia, the medley is landing just in time for Australia Day 2021 – the perfect time to spare a thought to the amazing farmers who overcome natural disasters every year to preserve and continue their life’s work of feeding and clothing their fellow Aussies.

Click on the link below to hear the winning entry for our Aussie Lyrics Competition – congratulations to the winner Amanda Griffiths!

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