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We already feel the loyalty and love from our existing Drought Angels supporters, and in just three weeks’ time, the rest of Australia will be introduced to us as our fearless leader, Natasha Johnson goes from CEO to television Cameo in the 2022 serious of Farmer Wants a Wife.

Channel seven have announced Drought Angels as it’s charity partner for the 2022 series to acknowledge the trials and tribulations of our Australian farmers.  After years of drought, floods, fires, mouse plagues, Covid, and just a few months ago, Australia’s costliest flood in history, they are hoping this year’s season helps shed some light and brings love to our communities as well as the chosen contestants.

With ninety-nine marriages and 225 beautiful babies worldwide, Farmer Wants a Wife is the most successful dating show on the planet and our Drought Angels team are absolutely no strangers to what love looks like in farming communities.

Throughout the years we have got to know so many farmers intimately. We have seen love blossom and babies been born, we have been there to assist with birthday presents for the kids when times get tough and put Christmas Dinner on the tables for some of these beautiful families.

We’ve also experienced the flip side witnessing the isolation of many farmers, both male and female, enduring the ongoing disasters without that special person by their side. We may not be their spouse, but we never want them to feel alone so do all it takes to provide some reprieve in their lives whether that be financial or moral support.

Very soon five relatively unknown farmers will open their hearts and homes with the mission of breaking their own love drought.

Our Drought Angels team will be watching closely too as a close friend of Lou Green, our Farmer Support and Angel on The Phone Coordinator, steals the show as the first ever female contestant.

Paige from Cassilis, NSW is a first-generation sheep and cattle farmer that has wanted to be a farmer since the age of fifteen. She is now looking for her one true love to share her farming life.

We’re excited to watch Paige’s journey towards love whilst hoping that her appearance assists in balancing gender perceptions about the farming profession.

We work with and support many female farmers throughout Australia and can’t wait for Paige to fly the flag for the gutsy and determined women we are blessed to know whilst broadening perceptions of the agriculture industry.

Television shows like Farmer Wants a Wife give audiences a closer insight into the lives of those that work on the land, who often go without, to produce what is needed for the rest of us to have food on our table and clothes on our back.

For the last 8 years, Drought Angels has provided direct and timely financial assistance, essential resources, a listening ear, and meaningful relief for primary producers across Australia impacted by drought and natural disasters. This is done by food hampers and care packs through to prepaid Mastercard’s and local store vouchers to help them rebuild their homes and businesses through one disaster after another.

In 2022 as we gain immense pleasure by watching these five brave souls open their hearts on a quest to break their love drought, let us hope Australian audiences will open their hearts and wallets too so Drought Angels can continue to spread joy and hope in the lives of our rural communities.

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