Fundraising Squares

How to Fundraise for your favourite Charity in this ever-changing World of COVID-19


COVID-19 has changed our world and how we live in it.

Many of us are faced with challenges unlike any we have experienced before…

The Not-For-Profit sector are feeling the gravity of these challenges as our community navigates a changing landscape…

Forced closure of businesses, job losses and border closures are changing the landscape of our economy.

Social-distancing, self-isolation and the threat of complete lock-down are changing the landscape of our society.

Whilst many people find themselves out of work for an undetermined period, others are navigating a ‘working-from-home’ model for the first time.  In the meantime, frontline workers are left to care and provide for our confused and understandably concerned communities.

As we settle into this new world of ‘going without’ and ‘making do’ we will eventually, by our very nature, turn our thoughts to those less fortunate – it’s the Australian way.

Those who have struggled for many years before this Pandemic are still facing the same adversity and are now more than ever in need of our support.

But a lot has changed…

Across Australia many NFP & Charitable Organisations are forced to work in isolation behind closed doors, having turned away dedicated volunteers (many of whom are in the high-risk category for COVID-19) for the sake of their health.  Fundraising events across the country are being cancelled by the thousands leaving valuable income streams to support the needy in jeopardy.

But there are still many ways to fundraise for your chosen charity…it just takes a little bit of imagination (and a little bit of technology).

From Events to Virtual Events…

From traditional Raffles & Auctions to online Raffles & Auctions…

From bricks and mortar shops to online selling…

It seems (almost) anything can be converted to an online option these days; the only limit is your imagination.

Below are just a few ideas to help you get started on your journey of online philanthropy:

  1. Host a ‘Virtual Event’: Invite guests to purchase a ticket to an event and conduct the event via Zoom or Skype.


  • Host a Wine & Cheese Tasting event where you ship the wine and cheese to each guest prior to the event and encourage them to ‘dress for the occasion’ when they log in at the event time. OR
  • Host a house concert where a musician sends a link to a live stream of the concert to all guests. A special merchandise package could be included in the purchase price and sent to all guests prior to the event.  Guests could publish selfies during the event on the event page to create a sense of community.
  1. Create a ‘Give It Up’ Challenge: Ask your supporters to give up the cost of something they would usually do/buy and donate it to your chosen charity.  Let your imagination go wild and think of something that your friends will really miss…
  2. Conduct a Fish Tank Fundraiser: Setup a fish tank (minus the fish) in a high traffic location (think take-away coffee shops and farmers markets) and encourage people to toss in their loose coins and notes.  See how long it takes to fill the fish tank!
  3. Virtual Guessing Game: Upload a photo of a container full of (wrapped) lollies and encourage your followers to donate to your chosen charity in return for a ‘guess’ of how many lollies are in the container.  The winner will have the container of lollies shipped to them for some sweet relief.
  4. Host a ‘Non-Event’ Event: Give your guests the night off by encouraging them to donate the cost of a night out to your chosen charity.  In return they get to kick back in their PJ’s and enjoy a relaxing night-in.  Keep them engaged with a list of suggested viewing on popular platforms like Netflix and Stan and encourage lots of selfies!
  5. Start a Viral Video challenge (think Ice Bucket Challenge): Think of something particularly challenging for your followers to participate in and challenge them to either ‘accept the challenge’ or donate to your chosen charity.  Set a precedent by doing the challenge AND donating yourself to encourage everyone to follow suit.
  6. Hold an online raffle: Collect prizes that are easily shipped or redeemable via an emailed or online voucher (e.g. Gift cards or store credit) and raffle them to raise funds for your favourite charity.
  7. Hold an online Auction: Collect prizes that are easily shipped or redeemable via an emailed or online voucher and auction them via on online platform to raise funds for your chosen charity.
  8. Donate via an online store: Got something to sell?  Perfect!  Why not setup an online store and donate a set amount or percentage from every sale to your favourite charity.

Now that you have some ideas it’s time to look online for ways to make it happen!  There are many programs available to host different kinds online fundraising activities, many of whom will have your favourite charity already registered on their platform.

Are you wishing to support Aussie farming families who are facing hardships due to the ongoing drought, recent bushfires and now COVID-19?  If so, Drought Angels would love to have you come onboard as a Fundraising Champion! Head to our Fundraising page now and complete a fundraising application to start the ball rolling.

Drought Angels are happy to work with you to find the best platform for your fundraising ideas.  Email us on [email protected] with details of your activities and we will happily guide you in the best direction.

Drought Angels are currently registered on RaffleLink for the conduct of online raffles and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the PayPal Giving Fund.

PayPal Giving Fund allows supporters to donate to Drought Angels via PayPal, Facebook and GoFundMe with no fees meaning 100% of funds collected will be directed to Drought Angels to continue their mission of supporting Aussie farming families effected by natural disasters.

Facebook itself offers multiple ways to support Drought Angels, from hosting a Facebook Fundraiser (think Birthday fundraisers), to a ‘Support Non-Profit’ status and even adding a Donate button to a live stream video.  Instructions on how to get started with Facebook Fundraisers will be sent to you alongside your Letter of Authority.

It’s time to kickstart your imagination and get on board with Drought Angels to support those who continue to work hard against adversity to feed all Australians throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.  While the heartbreaking reality is many farmers are struggling to feed their own families.

Let’s send the clear message to our Aussie farming families…

“You will NEVER be forgotten”!