Our Year In Review: 2018-19 Annual Report


After the surge of media focus and the increase in donations in 2018/2019, Drought Angels charity status changed from small to large and with this so did our reporting requirements. The biggest challenge was to produce an Annual Report, which seemed to be a daunting task. Thankfully, with the help of Visual Traffic we came up with a great way to share our story and report on all the amazing things Drought Angels has been able to achieve during our “growth phase”. Click here to see our Annual Report.

Looking back at our folders of photos, the special events that left a lasting memory or gathering the facts and figures as yearly totals was quite exciting. With the drought biting hard we were extremely busy doing the jobs at hand, there was no time to sit and reflect or linger for too long on what we were part of.
A lot of the images used in the Annual Report are from our wonderful annual Calendar entries or volunteers who attended our RDO (Rural Day Off).

The “Unique Moments” page gave me flash backs to some incredible occasions that without Drought Angels, I would never have had the opportunity to participate in. We met HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and were humbled by their caring nature and knowledge of our farmers plight. I cried when Revlon created a line of lipsticks that focused on the struggles of our Rural Women and called it #BOLDMATTERS. Did you know that 76,000 women actively sort out this product and contributed to the campaign! That figure still blows me away.

The page that caused me the most concern was the “With Thanks” page but it also provided me with the biggest of smiles. I felt like Santa with his list, checking it twice (ok it was a lot more than twice!) making sure we did not forget anyone. I simply sat, checking the figures, shaking my head as the number of sponsors and donors kept growing. We are thankful for each of them. Whether it is the young children donating their pocket money or selling lemons on their front lawn or a large corporate who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Each one is special and each one is important to us and to our farming families.
These profound words will stay with me for a long time and I am grateful for this reminder that we can all make a difference.

“A dollar to you is small change, but to me it’s life changing.” – Drought Angels Farmers