Pacific Hotels Brisbane is proud to announce a Partnership with Drought Angels.

Aussie owned and operated, Pacific Hotel Brisbane are proud to support our country’s primary producers and strengthen our community connection by partnering with Drought Angels.

We recognise the essential role farmers play and we offer our support to Drought Angels through the following initiatives:

  • Donating 12 accommodation rooms per year for farmers coming to Brisbane.
  • Donating $1 from every direct room night booked directly with Pacific Hotel Brisbane.
  • Donating $1 from every Parmi ordered at the in- house Italian restaurant, Osteria Roma Spring Hill.

If our guests wish to make an additional contribution and support our Aussie farmers, they can place their loose change in the donations tins located at Reception or make a tax deductible donation online via this page.

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Drought Angels provides financial and emotional assistance, food hampers, care packs and personalised support to thousands of farming families across Australia.

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The Smith family story

Ben and Jane Smith* are Producers in the Lismore region. They have a young family with two toddlers and a baby. This beautiful family are like many who have been affected by the catastrophic floods in March 2022. Their home was washed away (pictured), they lost a large portion of their farm income, plus, their off farm business was badly affected.

Jane is still noticeably overwhelmed with the magnitude of the damage to not only the house, but also the property. Fences have been ripped out, paddocks flattened. Cattle yards, sheds, and tragically the family home, were no match for the force of the torrents.

Thanks to generous supporters, Drought Angels have been able to provide some short-term relief to this family including a Mastercard worth $1,500 and product worth $3,118 which was personally delivered by our Angels on The Road. Our Angels on the Phone team will call the family each month for the remainder of the year to check in and ensure that the mental health and well- being of this family is ok.

Drought Angels have helped 147 flood affected primary producers since March.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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$35 can help us connect with farmers over the phone to provide emotional support and a listening ear

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$100 can help our Angels on The Road deliver food hampers, care packs, and referrals to support services

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$500 can provide short-term financial assistance to farmers impacted by natural disasters

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A desire to assist Aussie farming families is something many of us share.
Donating once, or once a month, is a simple way to say THANK YOU to Aussie farmers.