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The Cloud Wrangler

Rachel Dobson is a Children’s Author who has always been inspired by the work of Drought Angels but has been unable to offer her support from afar…

Instead, she wrote “The Cloud Wrangler” in dedication Drought Angels who will receive all profits from the sale of the book to assist Aussie farmers.


The rain is getting Matilda Jayne down. It seems to have been raining forever and ever! She and her adorable dog have decided that there is no more fun to be had in the wet weather and they have become very bored. Fortunately for the two of them, there’s an adventure about to start! A magical dream takes Matilda on a journey that helps her to see how awesome rain really is!  Join Matilda and her best friend, Murray, on a vital mission in an extraordinary boat with a most unusual captain.

Thanks Rachel, for your amazing support!

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