Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering has become increasingly popular in Australia as more companies recognise it as an essential part of their corporate citizenship profile.

Involving your employees in a corporate volunteering program improves employee engagement, resulting in better business outcomes.

By actively promoting your company’s volunteering support for Drought Angels you will effectively strengthen your company’s corporate social responsibility image to your customers.

But perhaps the most valuable benefit is the sense of purpose it will bring to your employees, knowing their efforts will have a very real impact on the lives of a farming family.

‘Rainmakers’ Team Building program

Mobilize (Team Building with Purpose) is the brainchild of Richard Duncan and Claire Turner who have worked together in the Charity sector since 2008.

They provide online and face-to-face team building that is fun, cost effective and for a good cause. These virtual or in-person team gatherings will enable your staff to come together for a period of light relief from their daily troubles and participate in individual and group activities that will foster a sense of unity and collaboration.

If you’re looking for a way to mobilize and connect your people look no further than their Rainmakers program in support of Drought Angels – you’ll boost staff morale by connecting them to their colleagues and providing them with a memorable and meaningful moment of time together where they are collectively participating in a fun and engaging event that is helping to support Aussie farming families.

See the rainmakers program
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