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Seven joins forces with Drought Angels

The Seven Network’s Farmer Wants A Wife has joined hands with Drought Angels, a Queensland-based rural support charity, to help provide financial assistance and relief to primary producers across Australia impacted by drought and natural disasters.

The special partnership saw Drought Angels featured prominently in episode eight of the Seven show, Wednesday, 21 September on Channel 7 and 7plus as Farmer Paige, a first-generation sheep and cattle farmer from New South Wales takes part in a community fundraising event for Drought Angels. 

As part of Farmer Wants A Wife’s commitment to Australian farmers and communities, Seven has delivered additional support to Drought Angels through the creation of a free television commercial that will run on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Seven West Media Chief Marketing Officer, Charlotte Valente, said: “In the past two years our Australian farmers have experienced drought, floods, fires, mouse plagues and COVID-19. Recently farmers on the east coast have endured Australia’s costliest flood in history. They need our support more than ever before and we hope our important partnership with Drought Angels helps raise awareness and provide meaningful relief and support to our farmers and their families.”

Natasha Johnston, CEO of Drought Angels, said: “Throughout the years we have forged amazing relationships with Australian farmers. During that time, we have seen love blossom and babies born. When times have been tough, we have proudly been there to assist, helping with birthday presents and putting Christmas dinners on tables.

“But there is also a flip side. Due to the remote nature of the farming lifestyle, many farmers live alone. We have witnessed the isolation of many farmers as they endure ongoing disasters without that special person by their side. Supporting those in our ‘backyard’ right now has never been more important.”

Toyota Australia is the major sponsor of the Farmer Wants A Wife and is proud of the difference its dealer network can make to local communities, like Queensland dealer Sci-Fleet Toyota. Since its inception, the dealership provides safe and reliable vehicles to ensure vital services reach families who need it.

Farmer Wants A Wife follows five farmers as they search for real love and offers a close insight into the lives of the Australian men and women who work our land through the good times and the hard times to provide our nation with critical food and resources.

Australia’s favourite bush fairy-tale, Farmer Wants A Wife, is hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski with very special guest Samantha Armytage, and has averaged a total audience of 976,000 viewers and reached 4.87 million viewers so far this season. 

For the past eight years, Drought Angels has provided direct and timely financial assistance, essential resources, a listening ear, and meaningful relief for primary producers across Australia impacted by drought and natural disasters. This is done by food hampers and care packs through to prepaid Mastercards and local store vouchers to help them rebuild their homes and businesses through one disaster after another.

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