Volunteer Terms

  1. I acknowledge that I must not use nor authorise the use or reproduction of the Drought Angel logo nor any assets of Drought Angels without prior approval.
  2. I understand that when volunteering for Drought Angels, appropriate enclosed footwear must be worn. Additional PPE may be provided for me where required e.g. Hi-Vis vest and protective glasses.
  3. I understand whilst at community events appropriate sun safe clothing and footwear must be worn. I understand I may be attending regions with severe weather elements and agree to take all precautions to protect myself with appropriate measures including the use of sunscreen, protective clothing, hat and taking care to keep myself hydrated.
  4. I understand during community runs (e.g. RDO events), Drought Angels will provide food and refreshments.
  5. I understand my travel costs and accommodation to an event are at my own personal expense unless otherwise detailed. I understand my family is welcome to accompany me at a community event e.g. RDO (prior permission must be sought from Drought Angels as spaces may be limited), however any additional accommodation costs are my responsibility. I understand at events such as RDO’s where camping is required, I am required to provide my own camping equipment e.g. swag, tent, camper trailer etc. unless otherwise advised.
  6. I acknowledge that anybody under the age of 18 who attends an event alongside me is my responsibility. Children under 18 are not permitted near moving machinery or trucks under any circumstances and permission must be sought prior to an event to allow them to accompany me during my volunteering duties.
  7. I understand Drought Angels may organise my accommodation on my behalf. This may include shared rooms/bathrooms depending on location and availability.
  8. Whilst acting on behalf of Drought Angels, I will demonstrate responsible drinking practices. I also acknowledge Drought Angels have a zero-tolerance policy regarding illicit drug use. Drug use will be grounds for immediate termination, and removal from site. I understand that people accompanying me in my volunteering duties are also to be made fully aware of and adhere to these requirements.
  9. I understand when using my own personal vehicle for Drought Angels purposes, that a current comprehensive insurance policy providing cover for any damage incurred is to be in place. I understand I may be required to present a certificate of currency for this policy if requested. Drought Angels is not responsible for my personal vehicle/s or any personal items damaged/stolen unless agreed upon in writing. I understand Drought Angels also recommend a form of Roadside Assistance coverage for any vehicles used in my role as volunteer.
  10. I agree to be held to the highest standards of confidentiality with respect to any information observed or obtained during my volunteer role with Drought Angels. I will not disclose any confidential information or operational practices to third parties and will not use such information for purposes that are not directly related to my volunteer role within Drought Angels.
  11. I agree to be bound by and to observe any and all policies and procedures provided to me in relation to my role.
  12. I acknowledge Drought Angels will own all intellectual property rights generated as a result of the volunteer services I provide and I waive any right to attribution for any works that I may create in carrying out my role as volunteer.
  13. I understand that failure to comply with any of the above provisions may result in the termination of my volunteer status.